On free speech: The fine art of activism

The third episode of the On Free Speech podcast features exclusive interviews with filmmaker Nick Sturdee on the Russian art collective Voina and stand-up comedian Tom Greeves on the UK’s parody laws.

The third instalment of the On Free Speech podcast takes a look at the often fine line between artistic expression and free speech. It features exclusive interviews with filmmaker Nick Sturdee and stand-up comedian Tom Greeves. Host Brian Pellot speaks to Sturdee about the Russian radical art collective Voina, whose political street art is raising hackles among the country’s authorities, while Katie Engelhart presses Tom Greeves, a former speech writer for London Mayor Boris Johnson, on the UK’s parody’s laws. We also bring you a selection of some of the best content on Free Speech Debate including discussions with Irshad Manji, the author of Allah, Liberty and Love, on How (not) to talk about Islam, and Rebecca MacKinnon, the author of Consent of the Networked, on the urgent need for netizens to take back control of the internet. The podcast finishes off with an exploration of whether hunger strikes are a legitimate form of free expression.

(Photo by gsz under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives licence.)

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