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Citizen journalism has transformed the media landscape. Suggest examples of good citizen journalism here.

Citizen journalism has changed the media landscape in recent years in ways that would never have been possible until the internet age. Here are just a few examples: the amazing OhmyNews in South Korea, written almost entirely by citizen journalists. The “We are all Khaled Said” Facebook page, set up by Wael Ghonim, which helped spark the Egyptian protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak. The Drudge Report in the US. The Chinese blogger Han Han. Russian bloggers like Alexei Navalny, exposing corruption in high places. Please add what seem to you good examples here, with some explanation of why they belong on this “We create” list.

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    Da, mislim da je gradjansko novinarstvo potrebno i korisno. Kao i u svakoj vrsti zurnalizma, i tu je problem filtracija, odnosno razdvojiti bitno od nebitnog, novinarski clanak od zvrljanja i licnog misljenja. Profesionalizam novinarstva se najpre ogleda u objektivnosti i realnosti. Meni se cini da je sve manje novinarstva, a sve vise licnih stavova. Dobar clanak ne daje misljenje, nego informise. On otvara temu i diskusiju. Mediji su mocno oruzje za kojim se povodi vecina, i jedan novinar mora imati potrebnu dozu odgovornosti.

  2. The importance of the role of citizen journalism is strongly correlated with increasingly oppressive governmental regimes. As the other commenters mentioned, it is most important in regions where traditional reporting is highly controlled and censored. Once a country is past the stage of government censorship however, a lot of citizen journalism ends up being trite, inane, and highly diluted.

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    A significant role of new media is giving the power back to the people. In 2011 when Libya started a revolution over Twitter, the world witnessed one man make difference. Countries like Egypt and Tunisia are following a similar path in promoting change over social media. Self-expression over a widely accessible medium can impact the path of development as driven by a single individual.

  4. Charls Chater is an example of the US blogger living in Balkan and writing about his experience. Thanks to his blog, there is a lot of help and potential investment coming to Balkan. More importantly, Mr Chater is presenting the culture and traditions thus removing the prejudice that people have about Balkan and Serbia in particular.

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