5 podcasts and our 10 principles on the BBC

Timothy Garton Ash introduces his BBC broadcasts and online version of the Free Speech Debate principles.

In spring 2016 I did a series of five radio talks for BBC Radio 4 on aspects of free speech, drawing on this website and the work for my book.

You can find all the talks here:

Oxygen of Freedom

I’m Offended

Respect Me, Respect My Religion

Media We Need

Big Brother is Watching

On this occasion, I wrote a short introductory article for the Radio Times, which was particularly interested in our ten principles. Our ten principles are therefore now on the BBC website here.

There is also a funky animation introducing the radio series here.

Unfortunately, content on the iPlayer is not available in all parts of the world (I wish it were).

Do please come onto the Free Speech Debate site, sample our extraordinary range of content, by country map, contributor page/subject area, and join in the debate.

Timothy Garton Ash leads the freespeechdebate.com project and is the author of Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World’

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