On Free Speech: Sport special

The latest Free Speech Debate podcast tackles racism and homophobia in sport.

In the latest  On Free Speech podcast, we interview sports historian Martin Polley on the history of protest and commercialisation of the Olympic Games (you can listen to the full interview here) and Danny Lynch from Kick it Out, a campaign against racism in football. And as usual, we bring you a selection of the best interviews from the site.

Warning: This podcast contain explicit language at around 19mins and 26secs.

Music is Rebuild Jampa Sessions by Chico Correa Pocket Bank, Not found (Invisible) by Jiony and Gentle Marimba by Alistair Cameron all under a Creative Commons licence from the Free Music Archive.

Image: English fans carry a coffin painted with a St George’s Cross and with the words ‘You’re wrong Campbell’ painted on the side in Donetsk on June 19, 2012 during the Euro 2012 football championships. The comment is in reference to England international Sol Campbell who in a programme warned England fans not to travel to Euro 2012 because of the threat of racism and violence. (Photo by Alexander KHUDOTEPLY/AFP/GettyImages.)

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