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1We – all human beings – must be free and able to express ourselves, and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas, regardless of frontiers.»
2We defend the internet and all other forms of communication against illegitimate encroachments by both public and private powers.»
3We require and create open, diverse media so we can make well-informed decisions and participate fully in political life.»
4We speak openly and with civility about all kinds of human difference.»
5We allow no taboos in the discussion and dissemination of knowledge.»
6We neither make threats of violence nor accept violent intimidation.»
7We respect the believer but not necessarily the content of the belief.»
8We are all entitled to a private life but should accept such scrutiny as is in the public interest.»
9We should be able to counter slurs on our reputations without stifling legitimate debate.»
10We must be free to challenge all limits to freedom of expression and information justified on such grounds as national security, public order, morality and the protection of intellectual property.»

What’s missing?

Is there a vital area we have not addressed? A principle 11? An illuminating case study? Read other people's suggestions and add your own here. Or start the debate in your own language.

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In the media

In English

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محمد فرج، أستاذ تاريخ بريطاني يسأل:أيهما أخطر علي حرية التعبير.. العسكر أم الإسلاميون؟، أخبار الأدب، ٣ مارس ٢٠١٢

محمد سعد، تيموثي جارتون آش: لا يمكن للغرب أن يفرض قيمه علي العالم، الأخبار، ٢٧ فبراير ٢٠١٢


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